Property Management Success Story In A Challenging Market

Real Estate will always be a great investment here in the Bay Area.


When you have an “A”, location with a well-maintained apartment building you can rent in these difficult times.


People are very educated and know what they want and often it is the reason they come here to California and especially to the Bay Area.


With a building just a few miles from Stanford University we see very intelligent people from all over the world who come to learn and work here locally.


Flexibility and good common sense says that when the market you are in demands creativity because of the individuals in your market having creative work schedules you to must meet their demand.


Our conventional leases have always been One year with an option to renew for another year if both parties are happy with the lease.


We now find a very interesting situation that worked out extremely well at one of the properties.


The unit was beautifully remodeled and we had multiple offers for people who wanted to begin renting in early July. Instead of remaining vacant and without income for two months we decided to approve the tenants for a shorter time period.


The applications were taken and everything checked out house according to our house rules and we rented the apartment.


Our success story is that going out of the box and meeting the requirements of your target market you to can be very successful in a challenging economy and rental market.