Technology a Must or a Bust

Just ask anyone and they will tell you that we all need to be connected 24/7 to clients, associates and friends. Immediate access adds credibility and professionalism. At a touch of a screen on your phone you can e-mail, talk and have your Blackberry navigate you to meet a client at an appointment and on the way direct you to a Subway so you can grab lunch on the way


Our world looks like something out of a Jetson’s T. V. show of the past.


But, perception is critical in our business world and that may hold the key to our success for us in our daily transactions. Our immediate response to questions will add to our credibility and confidence to those we are dealing with on any transaction.


Recently I was involved in two transactions where I was representing first time homebuyers on the purchase of their homes. These clients had two different loan officers both were equally qualified and very professional and I knew they would both get the job done.


I noticed that one of them responded to my e-mails immediately and I felt in control of the situation. Her quick response added credibility and professionalism in my eyes.

I knew from experience both buyers would be approved and close on their homes but the availability and quick response from the person utilizing a Blackberry made my job easier thus allowing me to be more efficient.


Technology often takes away from the personal touch and personalized service but I am a believer now that I have a Blackberry that allows me to communicate more effectively with everyone that I am doing business with and therefore they have a pleasant experience.


Our Realty World Slogan is “Envisioning the future of real estate and embracing the changes”, and technology like the Blackberry has changed the way I do business.  I believe I am making a difference in others lives with a positive experience.