Basic Steps To Preparing Your Property For Sale or Lease

Curb Appeal and First Impressions Make All The Difference so always Paint, Paint & Paint. There are a few tips when getting proposals for paining a home. One example is to simply remove shutters from the outside of the home, any facades or awnings that are damaged that will require extra preparation during painting. These simple ideas can save hundreds of dollars.


The key with interior painting is to always remove old hooks. This seems very logical but many times I see new walls and ceilings painted quickly and hooks are left in a home or even old drapes are put back up after painting. I always recommend removing old rods and dated shades and draperies. Painting or removing old dark wood paneling can brighten up the room. One inexpensive way to update a home is to remove old wallpaper and paint in warm neutral colors. Just by adding baseboards and crown molding the rooms have a more finished custom look.


Often inexpensive blinds are the answer to privacy rather than any custom shades or draperies. It gives an open appearance and gives an open feeling.


The condition of the roof and fencing is very visible and if either is damaged or needs repair it can give a negative first impression. Often a contractor can repair these items for prior to a sale or lease.


Light fixtures can be very inexpensive but having new modern light fixtures and a ceiling fan in kitchen even bedrooms is an upgrade to many homes, especially in warm areas if the home does not have air conditioning. This upgrade is essential in leasing rental properties as well.


Replacing carpeting is not as easy of a decision. Often good carpeting can be cleaned verses buying a new carpet. Remember to check to see if there are existing hardwood floors under the carpeting. If so, it may prove more economical in the long run to refinish the existing hardwood floors. Hardwood floors can be a very important amenity.


First impressions are very important so always think of approaching the front door to enter. Is the area clean and inviting? The purchasing of flowers and planting with new topsoil along the pathways can give everything a fresh look. Well light properties give a warm inviting home feel so purchasing outside light fixtures can be another inexpensive upgrade.


Most people are proud of all their collectables and family pictures. The reality is that these items add clutter to a home and often the potential buyer cannot see pass the items and enjoy the amenities of the home. One great idea for the seller is to remove personal items, utilize existing

furniture and remove large pieces of furniture that take up room. A staging professional is great at advising those items to remove and ways to accessorize with a few paintings to prepare the home for the open house.


Remodeling is a personal assessment and with each property up to the seller. New Energy Efficient Windows can add value to a home and may be necessary if current windows are not functioning properly.


I am a firm believer that a roof inspection at minimum should be done prior to listing the property. I recommend the seller have all inspections done including termite and property as well as roof. This way both the seller and the buyer are aware of the condition of the property and therefore no major surprises will occur during the close of escrow.


My suggestions are basic recommendations that have proven to be successful time and time again.