Los Altos- Staying Connected In Your Local Community

Real Estate has always been my passion but when not at work I have another passion. For the past twenty-five or more years I have actively participated in a charitable organization as a committee member. I too was very involved with our children’s school sports programs both in school and in the community here locally.

For the past fifteen years I have been very fortunate to coach and be on the Board of the Los Altos-Mountain View Pony Baseball League as the Director of Fields and Player Representative. The community involvement and working with children ages’ 5- 18 years of age was very rewarding.

For many of us it is very rewarding to interact daily with business associates and clients. What I have always been amazed at is how energizing it is to stay in contact with business people who work and contribute their talents in our local community.

Everyday we are educated by the media of the local job losses, economic challenges in our daily life and our education and state budget crisis. I believe now more than ever we all need to get involved. My personal recommendation is to get involved in your local Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club.

Just ask yourself a big question; if I personally get involved will I make a difference?

Also can I to get more educated and network with others who live and work in my same community to make my community a better place to live?

I am proud of my local neighborhood where I work and live and I enjoy meeting business associates and community leaders who inspire me by their personal dedication. When participating in these organizations you can learn and work on committees that will deal with current city planning issues. This allows all of us to help establish guidelines that will positively affect the generations to come.

At the end of the day when you look in the mirror it is very rewarding when you can say I made a difference.