The Ultimate Thrill For The First Time Home Buyer

Graditude, smiles and excitement for your client who has just closed escrow and is moving into their new home is the reward every real estate professional feels in a job well done.

After getting to know your client or clients it is very important to really understand, listen and often help them to understand the other person’s requirements for their new home. For example one may want an easy commute while the other person wants a certain type of living preference.

The process is one where you as their professional real estate broker become the manager or even the coach as with the manager of a sports athletic team. You will bring all the players together to execute the plan and ultimately the clients will decide and choose their home that fits their requirements.

They will appreciate your expertise in showing them homes that fit their criteria and providing information regarding locations. Once that decision is made to make an offer on their new property that is when you must become the facilitator helping and assisting with the inspections, working with escrow and helping them to have their pre approval letter from their mortgage broker.

The difference of winning or losing the home often can be the direct result of the real estates professional working and coordinating all the efforts of escrow, property inspectors and following up with the client and mortgage broker to make sure the loan approval process is meeting contract dates.

Statistics are very important in analyzing most decisions. The expertise of a professional real estate broker or agent closing escrow and closing on time is a very important goal and one I always take very seriously.

The important thing to remember whether it is your first home purchase or second look back to that purchase and remember it may have not been the perfect house for size but it was perfect when you made that house a home. It will define your tastes motivate you to work hard and be proud to call it home and most of all you build your dreams and future while living in that home.

My personal advice is to choose wisely on the location and your life style requirements.

That is why we real estate professionals have a smile on our face as well and experience the ultimate thrill for a job well done.