Investors Dreams Come True With Ownership of Apartment Units Near a University Campus

In a recession or boom real estate market be assured that income property in an excellent location that is accessible to a university campus will demand higher rent.

In addition remember that professors, graduate students, doctors and engineers many international PhD students will need to place themselves and their families in apartments while attending universities in the Bay Area.

Apartment complexes both on and near a campus with locations that are accessible by city transportation will be a determining factor in the decision by a very qualified group of people who will be in the rental market.

Of course it is the responsibility of the property management company to provide the maintenance to turn the unit to be up to date with amenities, clean and ready to meet the high expectations of a very educated clientele.

Take in consideration the phenomena that has hit the California University Campuses with the dread of budget cuts. Along with the economic down turn it was amazing to visualize the rental frenzie that I personally experienced a few weeks back.

Students here at a local university were scrabbling to find apartment housing just days prior to school starting thus causing a supply and demand issue. One of high demand and not enough supply.

Literally people were approaching others and asking if they needed a roommate and were willing to pay the price.

With the tight job market students are staying in school longer as well as many in the work force realizing they too need to return for higher education. In addition to impacted universities here in California our rental units will continue to be in high demand.

Remember when looking at rental markets close to major universities compare those rents from others in the immediate area. Location is always key in the purchase of real estate and true of mutli-family investment properties.