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The Official Seal of Palo Alto, CA
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Palo Alto is a city that has an international feel with a large percentage of the population who are international citizens.Why do people come from all over the world and the United States to live in this wonderful city called Palo Alto?

The answer is varied but here are a few of the most obvious reasons. They come to attend or work at Stanford University, Stanford Hospital, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Facebook and the varied professional companies that reside within this hub of job growth in Silicon Valley

Yet the residential streets are charming memories of the past. Properties both commercial and residential close to the Stanford campus offer everyone beautiful parks, excellent schools, restaurants and shopping in small neighborhood shopping areas.

With the wonderful streets of Palo Alto you see people biking from their homes to work on Page Mill Road and to Stanford University or riding the Marguerite (Stanford Transportation) or Caltrain make living or working in Palo Alto very accessible to cities from San Francisco to San Jose

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