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The reasons are so varied why this particular Palo Alto neighborhood is so popular to many who want to own, invest and lease homes and apartments so they can live in this very family orientated neighborhood. College Terrace features many parks, higher educational institutions, shopping & restaurants that attract all ages to be apart of this community.
While walking down Williams Street, I passed a couple who was pushing a stroller and we said hello. I said have a nice day and what great weather today and they too said to me , have a nice day as well commenting how they enjoy living on Willimas Street and were going for a picnic at Cameron Park.
What and why is this particular area so vibrant? Just blocks from centers of job growth and accessibility to Stanford University, Stanford Hospital and Palo Alto businesses, this community offers people everything in their own backyard.
One can walk to popular California Avenue with specialty shops & popular Grocery stores like (Mollie Stone’s) not to mention many types of popular cafes & restaurants.
College Terrace offers very unique and varied types of architecture. Just walk down any street and you will see new custom homes with older charming homes along with quaint small apartment building.
People are always walking to the many popular parks like Donaldina Cameron Park or riding their bikes to the Stanford campus and of course Caltrans is centrally located at California Avenue to take people to San Francisco or other neighboring cities.
One of the most popular reasons for this community thriving is the fact that many professors, doctors an Stanford graduates live here while going to school then fall in love with the community and come back to buy and live with their families.
The large law firms, Facebook along and other top employers in Palo Alto are always attracting their employees to work for them and live close to where they work.
Excellent climate, healthcare, education, center of job growth and sence of community living make College Terrace a very desirable place to live.
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