Reasons to Stay Connected With Your Local Chamber of Commerce

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The Chamber of Commerce is the connection between the local businesses, city and community. The benefits to both the community and businesses are the resources and sense of connection that the local chamber of commerce plays in every city.The Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce just turned 100.

In reading about the early members of course it is very typical that members consisted of a local hardware guy, shoes salesman, banker and other small business owners.

In a recent article in the Mercury News I read that the evolution of American business over the past 100 years of the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce has been from small sole proprietors to businesses that represent national and multinational corporations.

The Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce has been an integral part of the puzzle in the development of many projects within in the community. Providing education to the members is extremely important. They have members who are apart of their action committees who interface with city departments within the City of Palo Alto. Many positive outcomes consist of the expansion of San Hill Road and the creation of tree ordinances. Many feel that the chamber has been a key to Palo Alto’s development.

For those of us who belong to the Los Altos Chamber of Commerce and live and have our businesses in Los Altos we already know what a special community this is. I always recommend to friends and clients if you are just arriving go into our local Los Altos Chamber of Commerce office or online to locate information about businesses, shopping and community. Every year in October the very popular Business Directory is sent out to 17,000 homes with names and numbers to all local business owners. There are seven shopping areas within the city.

Another wonderful point of interest is the special events and calendar. As a business owner you can join and get involve with community events from a monthly Mixer with other members to being an active member on one of the boards.

The sense of community is very apparent during the very popular annual Fall Festival and the amazing Lights Parade with floats and activities for all ages.

Local chamber of commerce plays an active roll in supporting our schools in our community.

If you are moving your business or home to a new city get involve with you local chamber of commerce and take advantage of the many resources available.

If you really want to get involve give back by joining and making a difference in your community.

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