Portola District of San Francisco A Hidden Treasure

Portola District of San Francisco A Hidden Treasure

The Portola District has a long and unique history dating back to the early 1800’s. Remembering growing up and working at my father’s fish market Pacific Fish & Poultry the neighborhood was very busy with people from the neighborhood shopping for furniture or clothing, purchasing of all different types of foods at wonderful local markets, bakeries and dining at many restaurants. With many early churches and Temples the residents had everything they needed in their own little Portola District.

Popular San Bruno Avenue known in the early days was affectionately called “The Road”.

For many of us who grew up or worked in Portola it was like a city in a city. I remember talking with people coming in to buy fish and poultry and discussing back then how many of the residents and their family members before them moved out of other districts San Francisco after the earthquake. They did not want to be by many taller buildings as San Francisco continued to grow after 1906.

Many families in the beginning farmed, had nurseries and worked at their family businesses.
People worked at the local pharmacies, markets, theatre, Ken’s Seafood that was famous for their crab sandwiches, Avenue Sweet Shop, variety stores, bakeries, Bar B-Que restaurants and more.

It has been a melting pot of all people from the early days of the Jewish immigrants, Maltese, Italians, African Americans, Pilipino, Mexican & Asian just to mention a few which gives this neighborhood such a community feel as it welcomes everybody with a real sense of community.

Every year you can enjoy the very popular Portola Street Fair with food and enjoyment for everyone.
The beatification of the neighborhood project began and has continued over the past several years.
I still get a sense of community whether it is talking with current residents at my Open Houses or showing commercial space on San Bruno Avenue to interested business owners because they want to be in San Francisco but not downtown with accessibility to all freeways, SF Airport & transportation.

The people living and looking for homes really enjoy the neighborhood with the attraction for excellent schools, Cornerstone Academy, parks & recreation. For the adventurous you are rewarded with a very cool variety of eateries, markets and bakeries even today. With a neighborhood that has gone under changes it is a Change for the Good.

The City of San Francisco is very interested in bringing new businesses to San Bruno Avenue and the corridor.

Portola is a very popular District within San Francisco for those who live and own businesses.
Portola residents and business owners are very lucky to have neighborhood committees that work hard at keeping this neighborhood and its colorful past alive and vibrant.