What Are Some Easy Marketing Tips to Sell or Rent Your Property

It is important to have a plan to turn your property quickly.

Many people Stage their property in order to appeal to the greatest number of people who will preview their property

Easy steps include making the property look large, bright and without personal clutter.

Here are simple and inexpensive ideas in creating a look of staging without a lot of additional cost for a successful sale or rental of your property.

For the owners of an Apartment Building here are my ideas that always work:

Interior Painting should be Warm, Bright and Easy to work with all types of furniture and colors; therefore my recommendation is Kelly Moore, Navajo Beige for the Wallsand Swiss Coffee for all the Trims.

Add Crown Molding and Baseboards even in the Kitchen area to add style and differentiate your apartment from others that perspective tenants or buyers will preview

Light Fixtures are so inexpensive but often overlooked and new modern Light Fixtures throughout the unit will make all apartment homes look “New”.

A simple enhancement to all Eating Areas and Bedrooms is a nice White Ceiling fan that accents the room and keeps an apartment home cool.

Granite Counters in the kitchen are the answer for updating any kitchen as well as saving on labor costs to install. Unit turnaround time will be less.

To enhance cabinets often just updating the hardware makes a kitchen look “New”.

Another secret to an inexpensive upgrade is to install a Built -In Microwave instead of the old kitchen hoods; this will add more room to the counter space and a convenience to the tenants.

If possible always remove carpeting if there are hardwood floors under current carpets.

Remember landscaping your front and  if there is a common backyard area as first impressions when someone drives by are extremely important.

These are the best kept secrets to simple but successful enhancements to your property.

If your Apartment complex has additional parking offer one parking space in the base rent with an additionl cost per month for the second parking.

Often storage is also a premium for potential residents , so think what addtional areas may be utilized  at your property.

It is important to always find out what amenities are important to your potential residents.