Our Realty World-Bianchi & Associates Marketing Strategy allows any Buyer or interested party to walk Step by Step through any of our property listings at any time and from anywhere. The benefits are amazing and that is why I have decided to provide my clients when they list their property for sale this amazing feature in addition to the Professional Photography, Virtual Video Tour and Ariel Photography of their property.

On my open houses many of the potential buyers coming in have already previewed our Dedicated Property Website and have utilized our 3D Showcase feature on line. They are coming to preview the property because they have already decided that this would be property they would like to view in person.

For many Buyers they may be out of town or one of the Buyers is not available to be at the property Open House and this technology allows them to be on line and walk through the property Step By Step at the same time the other Buyer is at the property or online from anywhere and anytime.

After any Buyer previews several homes in one day they may forget something important about the property so they can just go back to our Dedicated Property Website and hit the 3D Showcase arrow and again go back and walk the property Step by Step.

I am fortunate to have client’s listing their properties in various cities in the San Francisco Bay Area in San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Napa, Alameda and Sonoma Counties and our marketing strategy is always the same to create a Marketing Strategy using the 3D Showcase.