Creating Additional Cash Flow In Your Daily Business

Simple ways I have helped assist clients turn their extra commercial space into DOLLARS  $.


As a professional Real Estate Broker, I am always assisting my Clients by reviewing their lease space and or business space and advising them in concepts that will bring in extra cash flow.


One example is a client who owns their own building and runs their daily business from that location. On a recent visit to the client I observed that there was valuable space that

was not being utilized. I pointed out that with minimal construction costs and refiguring the space I could lease that space to a potential tenant. I recommend that we meet with a contractor who can provide a proposal and my client can determine if they want to make the changes and lease their space.


Often times the construction costs are minimal compared to the additional cash flow they will receive when I lease their space. The positive results for my clients have been on many occasions a minimum of a three-year lease rental with a three-year option.


Another success story is seeing a clients operation and commenting that one employee’s office was only being used at a quarter of the entire office space. In further talking with my client I determined that much of the employee’s work is in the warehouse and he needs to walk back and fourth across the building. By simply building an office in the mezzanine area over the warehouse, adding stairs and a window the employee can oversee the warehouse operation and be more accessible to the other employees.


The benefits to my client are a more efficient workflow. Once again I leased out the entire extra office space and my client has income from a new three-year lease with a three-year option.


As my clients professional Real Estate Broker I need to be creative, a problem solver and always thinking out of the box. These success stories are a “win win” for everyone.

Be Creative In Negotiating Your Leased Commercial Properties

A new phenomenon has recently occurred in our current market that is changing the commercial leasing market for Lessor and Lessee.

The current owner who has flexibility and creativity will be successful in leasing their properties.
The stringent rules regarding monies required for three to six month of rent as a security deposit upon signing of leases are now being negotiated in order to lease space in a very competitive market. This strategy allows for a win-win for both the lessor and lessee.
The lessee moves into the property and the lessor does not sit with a vacant commercial property.
I have found this to be true when often working with new start up companies who have strong financial backing but do not want to put several months of working capital monies into a security deposit in order to sign a lease.
Thus, the owners who have the financial flexibility are being successful in leasing when their competition is not as fortunate in these unpredictable times in our economy.